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Amanda PriestlandFebruary 23, 2021

If you are interested in biodynamic gardening including the sowing and planting calendar and using the biodynamic preparations  we have a great box set of 5 x mini vids  - Introduction to Biodynamic Gardening  - A Journey of Discovery  - watch them free via our YouTube Channel here.  and  why not check out our new popular online Biodynamic Gardening Club (BDGC) ?
Members enjoy a dedicated Facebook  group where they can seek advice , share tips etc, regular webinars, video masterclasses, special club events, weekly practical  BD gardening know how from expert BD Gardeners,  and more.  The BDGC costs just  £15 for a whole year and you are also supporting our work as a charity, championing biodynamics and a sustainable future for everyone.  " I love the biodynamic gardening club - I learn so much! "

We are so happy that the brilliant " Biodynamic Gardening" book by Monty Waldin / DK books is now BACK IN PRINT and available at the great price of just £12.99 from our biodynamic supporting  partners Weleda UK here


News letter

There is always so much good gardening and related things to share each week, it can be very had to capture it all in the subject line, especially as I am restricted to a mere 128 characters.  As I type away to you all, I am being bathed in bright, blissful early afternoon sunshine and cannot help but feel uplifted and motivated to get in the garden as soon as I get back home later.   I did some tidying up in my garden on the weekend,  finally taking down the dead plants in my Bee and Butterfly flower bed ready for this year new plantings.  The dead stalks have been home to many a spider during winter and also captured the raindrops in a most pleasing pattern.   I used the Bee Mixture from the Seed Co-operative in this area and it was a total joy and success.   The Seed Co-cooperative has been in high demand for their organic /biodynamic open-pollinated seeds ever since the first lockdown back in March 2020 but we have some good news  - they are opening their online shop this evening  Monday 22nd Feb 7.30 pm - 9.30 pm!   Get your hand on your mouse and click here to get your seeds

Podcasts to Sow Seeds by
BDGC teammate,  Lynda Brown let me know about this riveting podcast which would be just perfect to listen to whilst sowing seeds.  Featuring Patrick Holden, CEO of the Sustainable Food Trust ( and also the Biodynamic Assoc’s patron), Patrick reveals his remarkable life, how he came to study at Emerson College, went on to be a leading light of the organic movement, and shares his views about food, farming, sustainability and much more. Asked what would be his favourite meal, he says eating a meal from the food you have grown yourself. We couldn’t agree more!

Seedy Webinars coming soon.  A heads up about a seedy webinar taking place on Tuesday 13th April 2021  at 7.00 pm;  being offered by Bream Gardening Society who have been impressive 150 years under their belt. Open to all, their guest speaker is Adam Alexander a self-confessed vegeholic, hopelessly addicted to growing his own fruit and vege.   He will talk about his passion for gardening, seeds and how he transformed a neglected field into a highly productive plot where he nurtures nearly five hundred varieties of rare, endangered, delicious heritage and heirloom varieties from around the world.  He is a seed guardian for the Heritage Seed Library, loves sustainable and organic gardening and will show how with very little effort one can turn the most neglected space into an imperfect paradise! Filled with guidance, helpful tips and techniques to keep growing affordable and pleasurable his mantra is, ‘If you want to eat great food you really should grow it yourself!’   I will certainly be tuning in and will share the Zoom details with the BDGC as soon as I get them.  In the meantime, you can check out Adam's website here and for a list of all the seeds he offers to share for a small donation see

Soil Health / Human Health  - how the human microbiome is compromised by exposure to pesticides & how you can’t have real human health without soil health.
The links between healthy soil, a healthy gut biome and healthy humans is thankfully hitting the headlines these days and in this week's Sustainable Food Trust's podcast, Patrick Holden speaks to Dr Zach Bush – the internationally renowned, multi-disciplinary physician, founder of Farmers’ Footprint. Together, they discuss the intricate intersections between the microbiome, nutrition and chronic diseases, highlighting the devastating impact of chemical herbicides and pesticides on both soil and human health.

We will be exploring the effects of pesticides in the garden with our forthcoming BDGC " Looking at the Bigger Picture" webinar on 5th May 2021 – Pesticides post-Brexit – what’s coming? with Nick Moles from Pesticides Action Network (PAN)  - save the date in your Diary now - It will be a good one.

Weekly biodynamic gardening Q&A with Hans Gunther Kern on THURSDAYS at 7.30 pm  – Join Hans and participants from his popular online Biodynamic Gardening Course for his weekly Q&A session via Zoom this Thurs 25th Feb
All welcome – and you can join in easily via this link  Remember to bring any questions you may have, and feel free to invite friends, family or anyone who is interested.  If you’d like to catch up on our previous Q&A sessions you can find the links to the recordings here:

Getting your pruning done, best days in the planting calendar and tips for pruning success is this weeks topic in your  " Seasonal & practical biodynamic gardening know-how library" here  
Hans - Gunther empowers you with this weekly practical biodynamic know-how in bite-sized bits and invites you to share your knowledge and practice in the BDGC Facebook group here

Understanding the Biodynamic Planting Calendar and Moon Rhythms Masterclass with Claire Hattersley
We had a great evening on  Feb 18th where 50 +  BDGC members and other interested folk all watched Claire's superb mini vid ( see it on our Youtube Channel here)  and got our heads around 4 key moon rhythms and the benefits they can bring to our garden.
A lively Q&A  and sharing session followed the film with some really good questions that helped us all.  So good to see Club Members faces and to be able to connect and interact.   We look forward to more " Masterclass" sessions with Claire in the not too distant future.
I will let everyone know the link so you can hear the questions and responses shortly.

BDGC Member Events  2021
Our event programme is very special; the aim is to put together a fabulous day out for you to enjoy, meet fellow members, be inspired, eat delicious food, and take home lots of ideas.  Friends are welcome.
Thanks to the generosity of our partner’s and supporters, our policy will always be to make them as affordable as possible, which means unbeatable value!  
We were a bit hampered by COVID in 2020, although we did manage to squeeze in a great visit to Charles Dowding's garden in between lockdowns  - but never to be defeated we have lined up 3 great events for 2021
Click here for dates, and full details.  We are really looking forward to meeting more members this year.

Enjoy the signs of Spring and have a great week in and out of the garden  - I have seen lambs and wild garlic.  Why not share your sightings of spring in our BDGC Facebook and put a smile on all our faces?