Guerzoni launch new bottle

Charles MitchellAugust 25, 2020

After 40 years , our company has decided to invest in an innovative, original, unique image.
This is why the new Guerzoni bottle is born .
A unique bottle for unique products, which have always been the fruit of our tradition: organic and biodynamic culture .

Description of the idea

The bottle will be the new container for the finest products of our vinegars series.
The crown cap , now increasingly used in wine due to its unique sealing characteristics, guarantees greater product quality and stability .
Today the bottle will also be supplied with its specific measuring cap for correct dosages during the preparation of your dishes.
This new package, which combines bottle, crown cap and dispenser, is completely plastic free ; therefore modern both for the design and for the concept it expresses:
being in tune with our rule first respecting the environment

Here are the products that will soon be sold in the new packaging:

I also hope that this small design object, once used, will not be thrown away but will find its place again in your home as a cruet or to welcome a flower.

Lorenzo Guerzoni