Guerzoni-Unfiltered Demeter Apple Vinegar

Charles MitchellAugust 25, 2020

The characteristics of Apple Vinegar

Apple vinegar , known for centuries for its countless health benefits, is widely used in food as a condiment and as a preservative, as well as being used in cleaning and disinfecting the skin and the home. Also excellent as a mild disinfectant for surfaces and for cleaning fruit and vegetables. The characteristic that makes this product an exceptional health ally is the malic acid contained in Apple Cider.

The characteristics of our apple vinegar

Acetaia Guerzoni produces apple vinegar directly from whole Italian biodynamic apples (not cores or skins) , grown in Trentino, thus maintaining all the characteristics of the apple pulp. It is bottled with the bacterial fermentation mother , also avoiding pasteurization, to leave all the properties of biodynamic apples intact.
Guerzoni produces apple vinegar following all stages of production, the product is then left to rest in special containers, so that the freshness is maintained and the beneficial characteristics are preserved.
Thanks to this, the vinegar retains all its scent and retains all the organoleptic characteristics of the fruit. The 5% acidity makes it more balanced and pleasant.

Freshness and aroma are the characteristics of Guerzoni apple vinegar that can be used every day, drunk on an empty stomach or used in many dishes. Apple vinegar is extremely versatile in the kitchen, a powerful ally for health and hygiene.

Our Apple-based products

Unfiltered apple vinegar (500 ml - 5 Lt)