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The Aromáticas d'Palma is a brand that belongs to the Ghenadie’s Belostecinic company. 

This business is related to agricultural services such as : planting and installation of vineyards, orchards and forests. The main activity of this project is dedicated to the production and sale of aromatic and medicinal plants.

In our plantation we follow the principles of Biodynamic Agriculture, which are based on the concept of organic farming combined with the old lunar planting method and the use of natural remedies.

Our plants are grown in the Alentejo, with the subtle influences of the sun and moon, as well as other planets of the solar system and constellations of the zodiac, according to a rigorous astronomical calendar. We make the most of the natural resources around us, bringing to our client the best herbs produced in organic and biodynamic production, while preserving the environment.

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