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Our wines express the unmistakable terroir of ancient slate soils. The Monts de Faugères rock formation dates back 340 million years, to the geological Carboniferous period. It is the same period from which the oldest wine terroirs of Europe hail, in particular those from the Mosel, Priorat, Côte-Rôtie, Burgenland and the Douro Valley.

The rock of the Monts de Faugères is metamorphic and split into intricate layers. The brittleness of the rock makes it possible for the vines to develop a deep root system, enabling them to always find some moisture even during the very dry Mediterranean summers. Like all great vineyard sites, the terroir of Faugères has a balancing effect, resulting in very harmonious wines.

The ancient rock of the Monts de Faugères is rich in minerals such as iron and magnesium. This gives our wines their distinctive and characteristic minerality. The structure of the rock and the mineral content of the slate varies from one plot to another, giving each wine an individual touch of terroir.


Demeter certificate.