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he Reuilly vineyard has a long history ... a very long history since the first vines of Reuilly were entrusted in the 7th century by King Dagobert to the monks of the Royal Abbey of St-Denis.
It was in 1935 that Camille Rousseau, Denis Jamain's maternal grandfather, settled in Reuilly and planted his first Sauvignon blanc vines there.
The Reuilly vineyard was classified as an Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée for its whites in 1937, one year after the establishment of the appellations system at the national level and in 1961 for its reds made from Pinot noir and rosés made from Pinot gris.

At the beginning of the 90s, Denis Jamain decided out of passion for the vineyard to take up the torch and acquire a beautiful set of plots in the town of Reuilly, a real starting point for the development of the estate.
After leading the operation in sustainable management for many years, he converted to organic farming in 2007 (certified by Veritas) and biodynamics in 2011 (certified by Demeter).
Domaine Denis Jamain has four main localities: Les Coignons, Les Pierres Plates, Les Chatillons, Les Conges, on which 12 ha of Sauvignon blanc, 5 ha of Pinot noir and 4 ha of Pinot gris are planted.

The Domaine benefits from an exceptional terroir, mainly clay-limestone of the Kimmeridgian type for the cultivation of its three grape varieties and also benefits from very favorable climatic conditions for the good maturation of the grapes.

The winery in the immediate vicinity of the plots is equipped with modern, high-performance facilities and ensures perfect traceability of operations and products. It also offers hygienic conditions and an irreproachable sanitary environment.

Demeter certificate