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In 2002, we bought the Hirschhorner Hof, a former tithe house and ecclesiastical estate. We put much love to detail, as well as energy and endurance into the renovation of the 400 year old renaissance building with an impressive cross vault cellar. Today, you may discover the estate in all its new splendor. Since 2003, we run our family business with our two children Sebastian and Dorothea: the Hirschhorner Hof wine cellar true to the motto: “great wines of old tradition”.


Inspired by the work with traditional ageing methods and processing techniques we manage to produce elegant wines full of finesse. Our wines unite good balance with the interplay of mineral nuances, intensity and fullness. Such quality can only be achieved by using the best hand-picked grapes of biodynamic cultivation. Very often, the harvesting process must be repeated several times. Due to minimalistic work in the cellar and long ageing processes in wood barrels, we produce easily digestible and balanced wines of great ageing potential.

 Demeter certificate