Romain des Grottes

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Home Producers Romain des Grottes
Home Producers Romain des Grottes

Historically, the domain's primary activity was the  vine . Today, and in accordance with the principles of biodynamics, we tend to diversify with a  small production of cereals  (bread made by hand and cooked over a wood fire by L'Ami du Pain à Blaceret or transformed into beer à la Farlodoise. ), some  processed aromatic and medicinal plants.

The estate was created in 2001 on family land in Beaujolais. 
Today Romain des Grottes and Perrine Stas

The cultivation methods are very alternative:

- few inputs (treatment of the vine with very little copper and sulfur, herbal teas and fermented extracts)

- manual work favoured over mechanization - very small but very well valued yields

A range of vine products always evolving: Grape juice flavoured with herbal tea,

Sparkling Natural, and Ancestral methods red and white, Red wine without sulphites ....

Committed alternative agriculture: Organic and biodynamic certified by FR BIO 01 and under mentino Nature et Progrès 


Demeter certificate