Uva de Vida Biografico Red Wine 2018 75cl .Organic, Biodynamic and Demeter certified.



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Uva de Vida Biografico Red Wine 2018 75cl.

Organic and Biodynamic

Demeter Certified.

Alcohol: 13.5%


· Type: RED Wine.
· Denomination: Wine from the land of Castilla.
· Variety: Graciano 50% Tempranillo 50%.
· Vintage: 2018.
· Elaborated and bottled on the property.

· The manual harvest
of the Tempranillo grape in 15kg boxes on August 23 and 24, 2018, and the
Graciano was harvested the second week of September.
Production: 33.06 hl / ha of the Tempranillo grape
and 58.00 hl / It has a Graciano grape.
Approximately 8,800 bottles.
· Cold maceration of the skin until
spontaneous fermentation begins with indigenous yeasts, a daily pump-over
of 15 minutes.
· After seven days with a density of 1,010, it is uncovered and pressed with a
vertical press.
· The wine ends its alcoholic fermentation and makes its
spontaneous malolactic fermentation thereafter.
· Once the malolactic fermentation has concluded, the wine is racked
and left to decant naturally.
· Each variety is made in different tanks and the coupage is made
once the wines are racked.
· It continues its stabilization and aging in a stainless steel tank until
February, when it is transferred again.
· Clarification by natural decantation, without filtration and without added sulphites.