Vinedos Ruiz Jimenez

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Home Biodynamic Wines Producers Vinedos Ruiz Jimenez

Organic agriculture began for us as a way to scape dullness. However, we did it with a clear idea, that we wanted to elaborate on quality, health products. After more than 15 years growing our own fields, following the principles of organic agriculture, we began making our own wines. In 1998 we founded Viñedos Ruiz Jiménez, with the dream of making wine, with the grapes we produced, controlling the full process, from vine to bottle.

After more than 20 years, we continue with the same goal. Working our fields, caring and respecting our environment, and so, we obtain the best grapes to produce our quality wines.

Our governing principle is hard work and consistency. We believe in what we do, and we surely enjoy it. We pick up the fruits of the work we have done so far, and we look at the future with hope. Our basic pilar continues to be, our vineyards.