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With a holistic approach, creativity and an experimental spirit Alois Lageder produces wines that reflect the diversity of Alto Adige. We are committed to biodynamic wine production and continually expand our knowledge in this area, exchange this expertise with our vintner partners and apply it to new areas.

1823. Johann Lageder packs his bags, waves goodbye to the Val Gardena valley and moves to the city of Bolzano, where he first begins trading in wine. His descendants make their own wines, supported by their connections with other grape growers. Alois III purchases the LÖWENGANG ESTATE in Magrè in 1934 and, a generation later, his son Alois Lageder develops, together with his sister Wendelgard and his brother-in-law Luis von Dellemann, an approach to viticulture that is increasingly in tune with nature. Today the winery in Magrè is in the hands of the family’s fifth and sixth generations. The 55-hectare family-owned vineyards are farmed biodynamically.

The landscape of Alto Adige is utterly captivating, characterised by contrasting and diverse geology, microclimate and culture. The terrain ranges from 200 to 3,904 metres (656 to 12,808 feet) above sea level and is home to several language groups: 62 % German, 23 % Italian, 5 % Ladin, 10 % other. Both the Dolomites and the porphyritic rock formations around Bolzano shape the landscape. The result: more than 25 grape varieties that respond to the sheer diversity of terroirs. In order to make the most of our region’s diversity, we foster good working relationships with over eighty local vintner partners. Together, we cultivate the awareness and practice of nature-friendly agriculture.


Founded in 1924 by anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner. The natural cycle as the goal. The interplay of humans, plants and animals creates an equilibrium. As soil fertility increases, so does the quality of the wine. As winegrowers, we have a great responsibility, both – to ourselves as humans and to nature. We endeavor to promote diversity. Cattle, oxen and sheep grazing in the vineyards. We want to strengthen individuality and vitality with the help of biodynamic compounds. Abstaining from the use of chemical and synthetic pesticides. It’s all about breathing life into the landscape.

Everything fits together. It is illuminating how various details result, when combined in a new perspective. By incorporating verse views, we can both re-examine the familiar and stay focused on the bigger picture.

Our curiosity about the forces and secrets of nature nurtures our ambition to apply our knowledge to all we do. With our experimental approach, creativity and attention to detail, we strive tirelessly for the highest quality and continuously hone our craft. The vineyard as a microcosm is subject to a vast array of factors that we can only understand and implement according to the highest standards by working together, by forming alliances.

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