Bingenheimer Saatgut AG

Bingenheimer Saatgut AG.

We are a joint stock company that arose from the Initiative Group for Vegetable Seeds of Biodynamic
Cultivation. Our stockholders aim to promote cultivation on the basis of ecologically sound seeds. We coordinate the breeding, purification and marketing of seeds of over 450 seed-solid varieties for professional and hobby gardening as well as natural food trade. In the process we concentrate on a
network of fair partnerships. Along with tried and tested varieties we offer numerous biodynamic and organic maintenance breeds as well as new breeds according to the standards of Kultursaat e.V. and Saat:gut e.V. Breeding takes place in the field and not in the laboratory, no biotechnologicalmethods or genetic engineering are involved. The Initiative Group enables us to remain in close
contact with our nearly 90 seed growers and breeders in order to answer all questions concerning ecologically responsible work in this area.