Finca la Torre

Finca la Torre is surrounded by nature, a place that has been bathed in sunshine since ancient times; today, we work in the most organic and sustainable way possible to produce our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

That is our mission, and we are investing all of our knowledge, passion and dedication into achieving it. At Finca la Torre, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil has consistently received awards for its extraordinary properties, taste and quality. We are proud to produce one of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the world. Would you like to find out more?


They say that a good story is one that you never want to end. Despite dating back several centuries, our story has only just begun.

We should start by saying that the land we inhabit today once formed part of the Roman city of Singilia Barba, located to the northwest of Antequera. We can still find remains of Finca de la Torre’s Roman roots today, in the form of ruins (columns and parts of the olive mill or torcularium) located by the main entrance.
In Nasrid times, the Arabs built the watchtower that gives us the name Finca la Torre (which means Tower Estate) on Cerro del Cuchillo (Knife Hill), named after the singular shape of the hill the tower was built on.

After passing through the hands of several owners, in 1998 it was renamed Finca la Reja SL, due to the merger of ASI Global and Rapunzel Ibérica S.L. The first two-phase extraction line was installed at that time, and 104 hectares of intensive olive groves were planted. Organic and biodynamic certifications were obtained at the same time.


In 2010 the estate was acquired by Agrifutura Holding AG, who set itself the goal of producing one of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world. All the necessary changes were made to achieve this, replacing obsolete machinery and incorporating new technical equipment.

After several years of receiving multiple national and international awards, we completed the second phase of the project in 2014, enlarging the olive mill and creating a new commercial department, which enabled further growth and consolidation of the brand.

Currently, Finca la Torre has a presence in 25 countries, and exclusively exports 50 tonnes of organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil per year.