Wines that are supposed to tell of their origins and their origins do so better if they can take root in a diverse and as biodiverse environment as possible - if the soil is alive and the natural ecosystem in all its complexity can affect the vine. Letting nature speak in all its facets is therefore our declared goal. The way and the means to get there are shaped by a considerable amount of actions, fundamental decisions that indicate the direction and reflect our ethical and qualitative ideas. In 2006 we decided to cultivate our vineyards biodynamically, gradually making them more resistant, vital and heterogeneous.

At the same time, we allow ourselves and the wines the freedom to work in the cellar more and more reduced. Apart from the fact that we ferment our wines spontaneously and like to leave them in contact with the mash, sometimes for weeks, it is above all time that shapes our wines. Some over a few months, some over years, but all with the intention of giving them a perfect balance on the journey. For this they lie untreated on their own yeasts in mostly used wooden barrels and develop their individual aromatic spectra over time. By perceiving and observing these natural processes but influencing them as little as possible, we implement our idea of ​​making authentic and original wines as accurately as possible.