Les Jardins de Gaïa

An idea, a project, born and matured in the mind of Arlette Rohmer for many years. A great traveler and passionate about plants, she wants to give more to the people she meets all over the world, and unveil the flavors and riches of the countries she explores, through tea, the most drunk drink in the world after the water.

In 1994, she created Les Jardins de Gaïa, with the aim of making people discover around her superior quality teas and other incredible plants, from Asia, Africa and South America, but only from of organic farming. In the nineties there was very little production available. Her challenge was then to travel to the countries producing the teas and find the projects and producers who wished to follow her in this ambitious adventure ...

Initially, it is in her kitchen that she bags these original teas, to then make them discover at trade fairs and organic markets. Then, the high quality and finesse of its products are sufficient for its success. Meetings are multiplying, and many opportunities are available to her.

Arlette Mineral Spring Darjeeling


Since that day, the development of the Gardens of Gaïa has been unrelenting. Arlette Rohmer's passion for tea and her thirst to offer customers and partners quality products while respecting Nature and Man, have enabled her to maintain and establish direct relationships with producers. Small producers and small projects are always favoured in order to promote agriculture on a human scale, thus making it possible to multiply the choices and improve the qualities of teas over the harvest, while exposing these "small producers" on the international scene. .


Today, at Les Jardins de Gaïa, we are widely recognised for our know-how, our commitment to organic farming and our passion for tea. We master the import, processing, flavouring, packaging and distribution of our teas. From the gardens to your cup, we take care of the teas, for your greatest pleasure. 

Our philosophy: the values ​​we defend

Ecological values

For Arlette, it has always been obvious that a product is of better quality when it is cultivated with respect for the land, using organic and sustainable farming methods . Thus, all of our products are organic, with the exception of Lapacho, which comes from wild pickings in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. We strongly encourage biodynamic agriculture which, beyond the condemnation of chemicals, restores harmony between Man and the chain of life: a production which gives back to the earth what it takes from it and respects its rhythm. For us, this method of agriculture is without a doubt the future of our “Mother Earth” .

We make ecology a point of honour. With the exception of the first Darjeeling spring harvests (Primeurs or Extra First Flush), consumed for their incomparable freshness and flavour, all our teas are supplied by boat. We limit travel and energy consumption as much as possible. The entire processing and packaging process is carried out locally.


China Hubei tea plantation

Human and united values

We have always built lasting links with producers , the fair trade model being a necessity and a requirement for us. We favor small producers through many fair trade projects , because they are the most disadvantaged in the world market.

Thanks to these commitments, we have the pleasure of witnessing a marked improvement in the living conditions, level of education and production techniques of the people with whom we work. We defend decently paid work there, but we also defend work here, in Alsace and in France.


Social and cultural values

In fact, located in Alsace, we favour local work and rural employment, in particular by making our production as human as possible. Thus, our teas are flavoured and packaged by hand, by more than 30 full-time employees. In addition, we encourage the activity of regional ESATs and the employment of disadvantaged people. We support the local economic, associative and cultural fabric, through numerous donations and participation in events.

In the long term, we are thinking about new ways of life, new ways to combine economic activity with the imperatives of living, by exchanging and working with other entrepreneurs and citizens, active members of the Movement for the Earth and the 'Humanism.

At Les Jardins de Gaïa, organic and fair trade are our philosophy of life. This philosophy allows us to guarantee you delicious tasting teas and to consider the future with more serenity while respecting people and Nature.

After making commitments at a time when everything had to be done in terms of organic, fair trade and tea, we are staying the course and more than ever, today, we are confirming these commitments:

• we favour local work,

• we ensure our long-term commitments with producers,

• we pre-finance part of the harvests in order to help producers to make our tea,

• we increase the qualities of the vintages of our teas by encouraging the creativity of producers and gardens,

• we guarantee the purchase volumes each year,

• we diversify sources and projects,

• we support small cooperatives and projects of small producers,

• we pay development bonuses (not only those established by the certified fair trade system),

• we encourage biodynamic agriculture, which in our eyes is the only alternative to the survival of “Gaïa”.

These commitments are taken very seriously in the context of genuine sustainable development. Earth and millions of people here and there are affected throughout the chain by the honest activity of the Gardens of Gaia.

Les Jardins de Gaïa are committed to professional equality between Women and Men.

In accordance with Decree No. 2019-15 of January 8, 2019, the Gender Equality Index is calculated using 4 indicators (for companies with less than 250 employees):

• The gender pay gap,

• The difference in the distribution of individual increases,

• The number of employees increased upon their return from maternity leave,

• Parity among the 10 highest remunerations.