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Provida Organics manufactures honest organic and demeter cosmetics and always develops in harmony with nature and the latest scientific knowledge. We guarantee pure natural cosmetics and carry certifications such as Demeter, Icada and the animal-free mark from PETA.

At Provida Organics we love nature and its wonderful active ingredients. Our products are manufactured exclusively in our own laboratory and we always take care to combine the highest quality with the highest naturalness. 

Provida Organics was founded in 1984 by Jerg & Theda Wohnhas and handed over to their daughter Dana Wohnhas in 2017. The founders themselves live on their own Demeter farm and always support Provida with a lot of knowledge and creative suggestions. We are proud to be a family business and we are incredibly lucky to have a wonderful team. In addition, we are happy to have interested customers who are interested in nature and ingredients and always help us with their feedback!


Pure cosmetics manufacturer.

From the very beginning, Provida Organics has been producing all products in its own laboratory using its own formulations. For this reason, we clearly differentiate ourselves from many natural cosmetics manufacturers. All product formulations are original from Provida.

Provida Organics is a purely cosmetic manufacturer: All products are manufactured and assembled by hand in Geseke. Before the products leave our house, they go through many personal interactions. These are just a few reasons for our high quality.


Of course, of course!

Fragrance, consistency and color can vary slightly for all of our products. This is not a lack of quality, but is due to the consistent use of natural raw materials, which can vary depending on the harvest!

Material & raw materials

We carefully select all raw materials according to their respective properties. Each ingredient in our products has a specific task. We do not use any filling material. Each of our ingredients is an "active ingredient".

Provida Organics only uses purely natural and herbal ingredients, such as essential oils, aloe vera, evening primrose, jojoba, avocado, natural vitamins and trace elements - all essential for the health and vitality of the skin. Many of our medicinal herbs are grown on our own Demeter farm and harvested by hand. Our products do not contain any preservatives, synthetic fragrances or artificial colors.

Provida Organics combines the latest dermatological findings with proven medical knowledge of herbalism. The teachers of Ayurveda, the principles of anthroposophy and the laws of phyto- and aromatherapy are taken into account.


Provida - your natural cosmetics manufacturer!


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