Shire Farm

Shire Farm is part of Aura-Soma Products Ltd and has grown from humble beginnings into a thriving biodynamic farm. Cultivation of our land with biodynamic and organic methods has convinced us that we’re witnessing the future of farming – keeping the soil happy by constantly feeding nutrients back to it has led to a thriving farm ecosystem that rewards us with abundant, nutrient-rich crops that nurture and nourish us on every level, year after year.


On the farm we are passionate about growing ancient nutritious and versatile grains like Emmer and Spelt, alongside Rye and Oats. For our juices we have planted large orchards of traditional English Apple tree varieties, several acres of Aronia berry bushes and more recently some raspberry bushes. In Our 2014 we planted a vineyard and in 2018 we celebrated the production of our first vintage of sparkling wine.