Uva de Vida


We reject any artificial intervention that adds aesthetics to our wines. All our products are made under the natural precepts of biodynamics . Our grape juice is the only one in our country that bears the Demeter seal.

Our intention is to make wines that are part of nature and its processes, that know what ancient wines would taste like, before chemistry, that promote health and always feel good. In short, wines that technology cannot make.

Wines that speak of where they come from, their latitude, their climate and us.


The association of different crops, the diversity of native flora and fauna that balances and reactivates life in the soil are of vital importance to us , thus reinforcing the natural resistance of plants.

This spontaneous natural vegetation plays an important role as a bioindicator, in it all kinds of flowers, insects and traveling worms germinate that end up making a meticulous and non-aggressive “micro-plow”, at the same time that they contribute structure to the soil, helping us to retain the moisture and protect the land from erosion and the sun.

We help the vineyard with the biodynamic preparations, the Maria Thun preparation and medicinal plant infusions. We do not apply either copper or sulfur.

Our vineyard grows free without defoliation or blunting.



The farm is located at a latitude of 40 degrees with respect to Ecuador.


Farm of 13.5 hectares at an altitude of 492 meters in the region of Santa Olalla.

We use music as a carrier of vibration and subtle energy, both in the field and in the winery.

The lunar calendar governs our work in the field and in the winery.

The fertilizer is natural: it comes from the remains of pruning, mowing and the goats of the neighboring Ramón.

We let Nature do its job, seeking maximum simplicity and minimal intervention.


It is a vineyard with a strong clay content, a Mediterranean climate with very extreme temperatures in the interior steppe and little rainfall (368 mm). It is located within a farm of 13.5 hectares, of which 9.5 are of the Graciano variety and 3 hectares of Tempranillo.

In the vineyard we discover water spontaneously thanks to a dowser and from the beginning we have respected its ecosystem and biodiversity. For this reason, we share land with an olive grove of the cornicabra variety.

We let Nature do its job, seeking maximum simplicity and minimal intervention so as not to distort the relationship of the vineyard with its surroundings.


· Ecological-biodynamic with total absence
of copper and sulpgur in the vineyard.
· Certifications: organic by Sohiscert and conversion to Demeter.
· Member of the Renaissance des apellations since 2015
· Vineyard on trellis, without blunting, double cord pruning,
with spontaneous vegetation cover, with no monoculture
The vineyard grows between cereal and olive groves.