Mille Fleurs Protecting Vitamin C Serum 30ml - Organic, Biodynamic and Demeter Certified


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Demeter Biodynamic Certification

Mille Fleurs protecting vitamin C serum

Organic and Biodynamic.

Demeter certified.

  • Anti-ageing vitamin boost.
  • Extra moisture for your skin.
  • Protects your skin from free radicals.

The serum is a combination of highly concentrated vitamin C , which reduces the skin PH value, and the 12-Healers composition. By protecting the skin from free radicals and increasing the skin's own collagen production, it prevents cell damage and premature skin ageing. 

The vitamin C serum helps give your skin an even and radiant complexion.


Skin Type: Mature skin.

How to use.

Apply the serum after cleaning and before daily care. After application, you can apply your usual care cream.

Status: Vegan
Certification: Demeter, animal testing free (PETA)
Skin type categories: regeneration