Pole bean 'Neckarkönigin'. Organic, biodynamic and Demeter certified.


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Organic and Biodynamically farmed.

Demeter certified.

Packet size: 25g enough for about 100 plants.



Pole Bean/Runner bean.

High yielding mid-season bean with long fleshy tender pods. Good in difficult weather conditions. Pod length 27-28cm with white beans. 91 days to maturity.

Sow: Outdoors Mid-May to end June. once frost risk has gone. 2-3cm deep. Rows should be 50cm apart, seeds 30cm apart.Double rows do particularly well. 

Harvest: mid July to mid October.

Multiplier: Gärtnerei der Lebensgemeinschaft Sassen, Gärtnerei Querbeet, Gärtnerei von Woedtke GbR, Heiko Pohl, Rene Groenen, Wim Brus

Breeder: b-d EHZ