White tea eye cream Demeter Biodynamic & Demeter 30ml


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White tea eye cream Demeter 

  • Intensive eye care.
  • With white tea.

Demeter white tea eye cream nourishes and effectively protects the fine skin around the eyes. The eye area gets a fresh, vital look, wrinkles and fine lines are reduced. White tea in combination with high-quality raw materials provide the eye area with deep moisture and have an immediate smoothing effect. The contained vitamin C revitalizes the fine skin around the eyes and makes them noticeably firmer and smoother.
White tea is known to be the most valuable type of tea. It has a very high content of highly effective antioxidants, which make free radicals harmless and protect against premature aging. White tea consists only of the youngest leaves of the still unopened buds, so that the valuable ingredients are contained in high concentration.

Skin Type: Mature skin.


Apply the cream thinly around the eye area in the evening and in the morning.
The cream is also ideal for caring for the sensitive skin around the lips.

Status: Vegan
Certification: Demeter, animal testing free (PETA)
Skin type categories: regeneration